Many customers have found that switching to propane for their heating systems is highly efficient and environmentally friendly. Some appliances are now up to 96% efficient, giving you more value for your money and less energy wasted.

A propane fireplace or stove adds both warmth and ambiance to your home. Some fireplaces even operate without the need for electricity serving as emergency heat during a power outage. There are many varieties of appliances to choose from to accommodate your lifestyle.

Along with heating, you can also use propane for, cooking, clothes dryers, generators and your back yard grill.

Many customers prefer the performance and “feel” of propane gas heat and cooking on a propane range is generally preferred over electricity. It is also gentler on fabrics to dry clothes with propane verses electricity.

A propane fueled backup emergency power generator is both reliable and efficient during extreme weather conditions and will continue to give you all the comforts your appliances have to offer. Propane has several advantages over diesel or gasoline. They include:

  • No degradation of fuel over time.
  • Clean burning, reduces engine wear.
  • Indefinite shelf life

When you compare the cost of propane to electrical appliances, you will find the overall spent on energy is reduced. Not only because propane is economically priced but a reduction in maintenance of appliances also a factor. Propane is extremely convenient and efficient.